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And, can you do what it takes to get yourself from where you are, to where you actually need to be, in order to attract the kinds of women that you would like to meet and date? As I mentioned above, the first step is to read my online e Book, "Double Your Dating". Just You'll be reading it within just a few minutes.

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You mentioned your exercise of keeping eye contact until women look away. I am guilty of not addressing this issue more often and I'm glad you mentioned it here.

If you can learn this skill, it will communicate powerfully for you. You said, "I guess all that mental practice paid off.

In effect, you busted on her, then PROVED BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT YOU COULD TAKE HER OR LEAVE HER. most guys would have messed up that situation by standing around waiting for her to say something. When you combine all of these factors together, you get a totally illogical outcome: ATTRACTION.

She realized that you weren't just some other loser who hoped to maybe get a date by kissing up to her...

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For example if someone is avoiding eye contact, crossing their arms, crossing their legs and turning away from you, then chances are theyre not interested. Well yes, the point here really is that the true signs of body language conveying thoughts or emotion do look obvious.I work at a fitness center so I see lots of hot women all the time.My biggest weakness is that I look away quickly after eye contact is made.Turns out she didn't have a boyfriend but was just tired of being picked up by losers while she was trying to do a workout. I'm going to talk more about eye contact and body language in a moment, but if you'd like to get the ultimate education on how to be Cocky & Funny, then you MUST take a minute and get this: OK... First of all, your story would make NO sense at all to most guys. She was probably abused as a child and wants you to be her daddy." or "Well, if I worked at a gym, I could do that too." Of course, you realize that this had nothing to do with it...

this was a result of you learning about how women are, then preparing, and then taking action. Now, let's talk about some of the things that were happening that most people would MISS when reading the story...

Again, to most men this would make no sense at all.

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